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Lonely Lolita
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& I find that I'm never alone
& I find that my heart is my home
& the music within makes me whole
A world that I built on my own

& I know that I'm never alone
& I know that my heart is my home
Every missing piece of me
I can find in a melody

'Melody' - Kate Earl

This song always makes me think of the Lolita fashion.

It's really odd that I'd listen to something like this (Typically I listen to rock music) but then again, no one would really think I secretly love beautiful dresses either!

Why is it we are drawn to Victorian parasols, poofy petticoats, and (sometimes) have impulsions to wear cakes on our heads?

Is 'Lolita' in our DNA? Was it destiny to find this fashion/lifestyle?
I guess Lolita is a sort of 'escape'. I find even just wearing a rose ring, or maybe just a blouse can make getting through the day just that little bit easier.
I recently bought a new umbrella, it was very very cheap, but beautiful and countless amounts of people commented on it. It was black, with roses on it with a ruffle trim, and I was so glad when in the morning going into school it was raining so I had an excuse to use it.

Many people stared, some people smiled, one of my friends said it "made her day". I'm generally a shy person, and don't particularly like attention, but walking along with that pretty umbrella held over my head... It felt good. I felt like I could do anything and no one would ruin my day.

How is it that Lolita does this?

To quote LoliGirls it is "Looking at that flower on the sidewalk - not the broken sidewalk".
For you is 'Lolita fashion' exactly that - a fashion. Or does it make you feel more?

Maybe someday you'll get told to "grow up", but it's not hurting anyone, and if it makes you happy then it's surely a good thing...

So put on those ruffles, place a cupcake on your head if you so wish (although I'm more partial to Gothic myself) and go step out into your kingdom.

And remember you are never alone.


Princess Roxy

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