Thursday, 26 November 2009

Let's Go To Dreamland...

Where do you think we go when we're asleep and dreaming?

I'm really fascinated by the idea of sleep... Especially REM sleep. Dreaming is a part of what keeps us healthy, help us put everything that has happened to us throughout the day in order.

But do you think that all we are is asleep in our beds?

Or do we visit a dreamland? Or somewhere else?

I think our souls leave our body while we're sleeping... Is that why we awake with a gasp and feel like we've been thrown onto the bed from a Nightmare? Our soul had to be very suddenly returned to the body. In which case is a coma where the body is still living but the soul is visiting elsewhere?...

But where do we go? To a sort of Neverland? Heaven?

Sleeping is a form of escapism - I know I tend to sleep alot more when I don't want to face the world. The dreamland seems alot more desirable than life - you can do anything! Fly, be famous, have anything you like...

You can reach that tangible heaven-like place, the magic. Suddenly you are in charge of all and everything. But maybe it is something more? It may be more than just dreaming of that perfect dress you want for christmas, or dreaming of someone you want as a boyfriend... Maybe we leave our bodies and visit the place of the after-life?

But what is this after-life? Is there even such a thing? I hope there is a nice place after death. Possibly 'Heaven', possibly not. I'd like Heaven to be the Sun. That'd explain the "I see the light" cliche...

Hm, that sounds quite good. The Sun is full of our souls... The centre of our galaxy... Could that be Heaven?

Anything is possible - especially in your dream-wonderland...

What do you think?

Princess Roxy


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